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Since our inception we still follow five main principles contributing to our success; Integrity, customer service, quality, best price and special services.
Asian Specialty Products LLC is an American owned family operated multicultural Asian Market with staff available that speaks fluent English or Chinese. We opened in January 2012 in Martin County FL to provide Treasure Coast Florida area communities of Stuart, Palm City, Port Saint Lucie, Jensen Beach, Hobe Sound, Saint Lucie West, and Jupiter a centralized clean organized environment with a large diverse selection of authentic Asian Oriental food products from Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, and Indonesia.
Three main areas that contributed to our success and benefits you, the consumer, and made us the Asian Market of choice.

1. Keep Our Products Fresh!
Food safety is our first priority. We are different than the majority of Asian Markets operating throughout the United States. We operate by strict American food standards. We only purchase the freshest imported products from distributors registered, regulated and licensed by USA and state government agencies. We also monitor FDA products recalls and alerts online. We have received the highest Florida Department of Agriculture inspection rating.  
We use a computerized Point of Sale (POS) inventory management system utilizing barcodes and shelf price tags. This system enables us to track our inventory to monitor our products ensuring you are purchasing fresh products. The system prints an itemized sales receipt for you to see the products purchased and the price of each item.

2. Keep Our Prices Low!
These are a few examples why are able to provide the freshest products at consistently low prices without sacrificing quality.
Determining demand of products helps us turn inventory minimizing our loss and the amount of expired products we have to remove from our shelves.
Asian markets do not always use the same suppliers. You can tell this by the products on their shelves. We stock authentic Asian groceries. The fact is there are dozens of licensed Asian grocery suppliers throughout the United States. We continuously search for vendors that supply the best quality products at the best price without sacrificing quality. We source products from licensed vendors throughout the United States from Miami, New York to California. We also purchase our fresh vegetables and as much dry products as possible from local licensed vendors here in Florida.
The cost of products is not the same for every Asian grocery. We negotiate the best price; buy large quantities, therefore getting a better price to pass along to our customers. Asian markets are not on the same purchasing scale as a big box store, but the rule is the same; The more quantity you purchase from a supplier, the more savings they pass on allowing us to provide a lower price.
During 2013 we grew at a pace where at the end of the year, our inventory purchases from vendors each month probably equal some of the  local Asian markets monthly gross sales. In 2013, our sales increased 24%. In November 2014, we surpassed our 2014 growth target with 23% growth. 2015 growth nearly doubled the two previous previous years at 41%.
We recently added additional new freezers increasing our capacity to provide our customers with the largest frozen Asian food selection in the Stuart, Port Saint Lucie, Jensen Beach, Palm City, and Fort Pierce area. 2015 will offer many more choices as we continue to introduce new popular Asian Oriental Grocery products.

3. Listening To The Customer!

This is your market. Be a part of building it. We appreciate and listen to your suggestions. If we don't carry a product you are looking for, provide us the details, empty package, can, jar, etc. When we receive 3 requests for the same item, we will look for it to put in stock. If there is a product we don't currently carry because of demand, we can still special order it for you until the demand increases to stock it. We also offer discounts on special order case and in stock case purchases.
We offer this area's best selection of local Asian markets. This makes it more likely you will find the product you are looking for.
We have steadily increased our inventory. As of August 2016, we have a selection of over 4,800* different grocery, cooking utensils, and gift products in our system.  We are always looking  for new quality products to introduce to our customers. If we don't have it now, we probably will in the future!
* Conservative figure allows for products that may be out of stock due to supplier availability and import delays.
 As of 1/17/2018, we have 5,719 different items in our system.


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