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Rice Noodles

Best method for cooking rice noodles
With a little practice using this method, you will soon be making perfectly cooked rice noodles for your favorite stir-fry, soup, or fresh summer roll. 
Rice noodles come in various sizes and have different cooking times. Cooking rice noodles can turn out to be a sticky clump and too mushy if not done correctly. This method is for cooking the noodle within about 2 minutes of being completely cooked.
Thin vermicelli will normally cook in three to five minutes. The thicker and wider rice stick may take eight to twelve minutes depending on the thickness. 
Rice noodles are very brittle. Gently remove them from the package trying not to break them. Place in a deep bowl wide enough to be completely covered with water and spread out as much as possible without breaking. Fill a separate pan with enough water to cover the noodles, bring to a boil, then remove it from the burner and slowly pour it over the noodles. Turn the noodles at least every couple of minutes to keep them from clumping and to spread them apart. Let them cook until they start to become limp, but not cooked completely through. You want to remove and drain them in a colander when the noodle is limp, but the center still has some firmness. The cooking will be completed when you add the noodles to your stir-fry or soup. If you want the noodle completely cooked for a fresh summer roll, cook it until it is soft clear through, then immediately run cold water over it to stop it from continuing to cook and use it right away.
If your stir-fry or soup is ready for the noodles after draining, add them directly to the stir-fry or soup and cook for another minute or two until the noodle is tender all the way through. If you are not going to add them immediately after draining, run cold water over them to stop the cooking. Then pour a little bit of sesame oil on them and toss to help prevent them from sticking together.
It may take you a couple of attempts to perfect this method, but once you do, your noodles will turn out perfect every time.
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