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Sushi Rice

Always use quality sushi rice such as Nishiki, Kokuho Rose, etc.
You can cook rice using a pan on the stove, but for the best consistent rice, you should use a rice cooker which is designed to properly time the cooking. They are nearly fool proof as long as you use the correct amount of water for the amount of rice you are preparing following the directions on the bag. We offer 3 levels of cookers for different budgets and requirements, including the top brand Tiger cooker/warmer if you are an everyday user and appreciate the fact that it will keep rice fresh and ready for 24 hours or more. With this one, you can start the cooker in the morning and have fresh rice ready in the evening for your sushi or other use.

Preparation And Cooking:
1. Wash the rice.
Some sushi rice may say no washing necessary. This is fine if you are using it only as a side and not for sushi. But I suggest always washing the rice for any purpose. The fact is you want to remove the starch powder from the rice for best absorption of the sushi-su (seasoned vinegar) or other flavoring.
2. Put the correct amount of rice in a bowl.
3. Cover it with cold water.
4. Using your hand, stir the rice around in the bowl. You will notice that the water turns cloudy
5. Drain off the water and repeat step 4 until the water is clear.
6. Cook the rice in the cooker following the cooker directions.
7. After it’s cooked, remove the rice and spread it out in shallow bowl (wood, ceramic or glass) wide enough allowing you to perform the next steps.
8. Pour some (not all) of your sushi-su evenly covering the rice.
9. Using a rice paddle, lift and cut until all the rice is turned over whiling fanning it. Repeat this adding the sushi-su until you have the taste you prefer.
The fanning helps cool the rice quickly while giving it a nice appearance and stickiness.
10. Sushi rice should not be kept in the refrigerator as it will change the texture. It’s best when covered with a damp cloth at room temperature for no longer than 8 hours.
Want to make your sushi?
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